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Starting to collect: Some tips & a great short documentary on the fake antiques industry in China

When you start collecting Chinese antiques you enter a minefield if you are uneducated. This short documentary is an eyeopener for many. The best thing to do when starting to collect is buy & read books, educate yourself online (for example in this excellent facebook group: “Collecting Chinese Ceramics and art“) and find a tutor. What is also very important is to buy your stuff from trusted dealers that have been around for a longer time. Good dealers have a lot to loose from selling a fake piece as it can ruin their good reputation, so they are always inclined to take an item back if there is the slightest doubt. Also start of buying some good but damaged pieces, this makes for good learning. We are always happy to help people with their question and educate them as much as we can trough. For example by providing as much information as possible after a customer buys an object. Only whhen you touch an item you can really learn from it. We can assist in this via Whatsapp or WeCHat and are always glad to do so.

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