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Condition Report

We offer detailed condition reports with every listing.

We always do our utmost best to provide  condition reports to the best of our abilities.

We use a gradual system to enable customers to give a fast impression of the condition.

Condition: Perfect = No damages to the Porcelain.

Condition A = Good – Close to perfect (for example some fritting)

Condition B = Good Used (For example 1 chip or 1 hairline)

Condition C = Used: (For example Chips & hairlines)

Condition D = With Restoration

On the product page we give a more detailed condition report.


Condition explained

Rimfrit = The loss of glaze to the rim

Flake = a small piece that is knocked of the rim

Flint = a small piece that is knocked of the rim

Chip = a piece knocked of the rim

Hairline = a small crack running trough the plate.

Base line = Hairline in the base

Baking flaw = a flaw that happened during the production

Crack = Used for a bigger crack than a hairline

Restored = a restoration

Stabelized Hairline = a hairline that is filled to make it stable







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