Shipping Information

                           Bubble Wrap
       Always Double Boxing
                        Styrofoam Peanuts


We make sure your package arrives safely.

We send out all our packages using the services of a trusted partner, the Dutch national postal company PostNL. Items are shipped by Registered & Insured airmail and require signing on arrival. All our packages are double boxed and we use foam and nopfoil for extra protection during transport. We are proud to have been offering ‘damage-free transport’ since 2015.

Please note that due to the nature of the items, the extra care we take in transportation, the number of transit points / checks and often the long-distance flights involved, we cannot guarantee a 24-hours delivery. Careful transportation of delicate items takes time.

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For China:

For USA:

Shipping Rules

For all packages outside Europe: Shipping times can vary a lot depending on Customs & Shipping Company speed. We can not control this. For China (& rest of Asia) & US allow at least 2 to 3 weeks. Depending on the situation it can take up to 1.5 month. Rare cases of even 2 months have been seen to CHINA (and rest of ASIA), this has to do with slow customs procedures. This also influences the tracking data shown online. Please be patient!

Buyer Responisibilties

We as sellers are responsible for shipping. However in case of lost or damaged items the BUYER is also required to take action & help solve the issue at hand. We can not do this alone since it also includes taking action in the country of the buyer. For instance by contacting USPS in the USA or ChinaPost in China. Buying from Antique Collectibles from ShangriLa also includes assisting in settling matter with shipping companies.

These Buyer Responsibilities include:

In case of trouble with packages we will contact our shipping company & the BUYER must:

  • 1. Contact his own shipping company
  • 2. Contact customs of his country
  • 3. Take all actions advised by the shipping company