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Unusual 40CM Dutch Delftware Earthenware Kraak Charger ‘Lion of Juda’

Unusual 40CM Dutch Delftware Earthenware Kraak Charger ‘Lion of Juda’



Condition Report: Overall Condition; See description.

Earthenware dish on footring. flat rim. Decorated in different shades of blue on a white tin glaze in Chinese Transitional style with the so called ‘Lion of Juda’ in a garden landscape. Flower scrolls replace the diaper motif as a border around the centre medallion. On the sides and rim eight large and eight narrow panels. The narrow panels are decorated with Dutch flowers, most likely tulips, four large panels are filled with figure walking in a landscape near a shore, the other four large panels are filled with Dutch flowers. The reverse with four circles and four asterisks. The footring has been pierced.

The peculiarity of this border is that it blends typical Chinese kraak panelled borders with Transitional style motifs. The function of these large dishes varied from serving fruit or cake to being displayed on a wall therefore the original pierced footring was used to pull a wire through on which the dish could be hung. (Rinaldi 1989, p.137), (Jörg 2002/2, p.59)

Condition: An old restored crack (clamped) and some glaze frits around the rim. Height 60 mm (2.36 inch), diameter of rim 397 mm (15.63 inch), diameter of footring 220 mm (8.66 inch), weight 1.736 grams (61.24 ounce (oz.))


Lunsingh Scheurleer 1975, cat. 58

Rinaldi 1989, Pl.110, Pl.279 & Pl.285

Scholten & Jörg 1990, cat. 11

Jörg 2002/2, p.59

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Additional Information

重量 3 公斤



Region of Origin

Decoration Type / Colour

青花, 克拉克瓷



Condition Report

Overall Condition; See description.