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Antique Ko Akae Plate Chinese porcelain Wucai 17C Tianqi Chongzhen Symbols Fish

Antique Ko Akae Plate Chinese porcelain Wucai 17C Tianqi Chongzhen Symbols Fish

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Condition Report: 1 firing flaw, typical rimfritting and 1 chip to base rim. Size 14.3x2.7CM or 5.6x1.1 inch DiameterXHeight

Presenting an exquisite early 17th century dish from Jingdezhen, crafted for the Japanese market. This stunning piece features the Ko Akae decoration of underglaze blue flowers and enamel overglaze flowers, along with 4 of the 8 auspicious symbols. The wall of the dish also showcases sacred mushrooms in enamel. This rare find is in excellent condition and will make a valuable addition to any collection of antique porcelain.

The 8 auspicious symbols, also known as Ashtamangala in Sanskrit, are a group of eight symbols that are considered to be lucky or auspicious in many Asian cultures, including China, Tibet, and Nepal. Together, these symbols are believed to bring blessings and good fortune to those who possess or display them. They are often used in art, religious objects, and everyday items as a way to invoke their positive energies. Each symbol has its own significance and meaning, the 4 painted on this dish are:

  1. The Golden Fishes: represent good fortune, fertility, and abundance
  2. The Conch Shell: represents the voice of Buddha and spiritual awakening
  3. The Treasure Vase: represents wealth and prosperity
  4. The Lotus Flower: represents purity and enlightenment

As for Ko Akae decoration, it is a style of decoration that originated in the Ming Dynasty in China, and was popular in Japan during the Edo period. It typically features a combination of underglaze blue and enamel overglaze colors. It is highly prized by collectors for its intricate and beautiful designs.

14.3cm or 5.6 inch in diameter.

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Additional Information

Region of Origin

Primary Material

China Dynasty Period

Ming & Transitional (1368 – 1664)


Polychrome, Ko-Sometsuke


17th century



Chongzhen (1627-1644), Tianqi (1620-1627)

Condition Report

1 firing flaw, typical rimfritting and 1 chip to base rim. Size 14.3×2.7CM or 5.6×1.1 inch DiameterXHeight


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