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Antique Meiji Period 19C Japanese Hirado Netsuke Karako Boy

Antique Meiji Period 19C Japanese Hirado Netsuke Karako Boy

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Condition Report: some chips to the neck. Size 90mm in length

This is an unusually made antique Hirado porcelain model of a humorous blue, brown and white porcelain netsuke depicting a recumbent Chinese boy with movable biscuit porcelain tongue and head. The base unglazed and with two himotoshi. The netsuke dates to the Meji period.

The short movie shows the movable pieces.

About Hirado 平戸 Ware

The origins of Hirado ware (it’s also called “Mikawachi ware”) date back to the building of a kiln by Korean potters that were brought back to this area of Kyushu by landowners who had taken part in Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s campaign to the Korean Peninsular at the end of the 16th century. The kiln here was used to fire porcelain for the Hirado clan up to the Meiji Restoration in 1868. As well as running the kiln, the Hirado clan was responsible for finding porcelain clay at nearby Amakusa and for the rapid development of skills and techniques, which are till alive today.

This ware is characterized by its over painting of cobalt on a white porcelain. Ever since the kiln was first fired, pieces were sent as tributes to both the court and warrior families and as a consequence, this china is of the highest quality, whether it be for everyday use or a special decorative item. The degree of care to produce items of such beauty and the delicacy of the work are part of its well established reputation. A great deal of tableware is being produced for use at some of Japan’s finest restaurants. Items for use at the tea ceremony are also being made along with incense burner, sake flasks and vases. All are of the highest quality.

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Additional Information

Weight 25 kg

Region of Origin

Japan Dynasty Periode

Meiji Periode (1867-1912)

Japanese Style



19th century

Primary Material

Condition Report

some chips to the neck. Size 90mm in length

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