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Artistic Japanese Vase Arita. Artist Fujii Shumei a Wrinkled vase. Shumei was Born. 1936

Artistic Japanese Vase Arita. Artist Fujii Shumei a Wrinkled vase. Shumei was Born. 1936

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Lovely and rare piece.

A superb blue and white porcelain vase, with a wrinkled section made by Fuji Shumei

The Fujii family is a family lineage that has been involved in pottery for generations, such as being allowed to use the family name sword as a pottery kiln during the Edo period. Mr. Fujii’s pottery career begins with a 15-year-old painting apprentice. In his twenties, while working for a local ceramics manufacturer, he challenged to exhibit at Nikko. He became independent as a painting craftsman the year after he won the first prize, and opened the kiln 10 years later.

During this time, he has been working on various techniques, including the “cotton thread technique,” which involves spraying soil that has been melted with water onto unglazed wrapping yarn to remove the thread and create a three-dimensional effect. At the time of the boom in Komari, there were times when products that could sell were made more and more, which strengthened the idea that “business and art are different things”. I still have the anxiety that “good-looking products sell well, and really good works don’t sell well. That’s a pain.”

After receiving the Prefecture Art and Cultural Achievement Award six years ago, Mr. Fujii has refrained from exhibiting activities such as exhibitions and solo exhibitions at pottery exhibitions for health reasons. On behalf of them, the eldest son, Tsuyoshi (31), is developing an active creative activity using blue-white porcelain. He looks to his successor, who pursues his way with a style different from his father’s.

Mr. Fujii himself said, “I think I can make another expression with Konoha technique. I want to open a hole in Arita who is somehow stuck”, and he is eager to go outside again.

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Weight 25 kg

Primary Material

Region of Origin


19th century, 20th century

Japanese Style




China Dynasty Period

PRoC (1949 – now)

Japan Dynasty Periode

Showa Periode (1926-1989)